5 types of women’s wallet designs that are often the choice

Over time, the wallet became one fashion items stalwart of women. The wallets are also now available in a variety of attractive designs, which are tailored to the needs and desires of consumers to look and feel more elegant.

So anything, anyway what types of wallet models are often the choice of women? Let’s gosee the following article to find out the complete answers and recommendations!

Models of women’s wallets that are often the choice

Below are several types of women’s wallet models that can be an option for you to look more stylish. in fashion and the fashion:

1. Zipper wallet


Zipper wallet, also known as wallet with zipper, is one of the most practical and frequently used women’s wallets. As the name implies, this wallet has a zipper as a way of opening and closing.

Previously, zipper wallets only had 1 or 2 compartments. But now there are also wallets with zippers that have many compartments to suit our needs.


2. Wallet with magnets

Wallets with magnets are also often called flap wallet. This is because the magnetic part works like a wallet cover that covers almost the entire front of the wallet.

This type of magnet wallet is usually carried in the hand. However, there are also wallets with magnets that are small and can be kept in a shirt or pants pocket. The materials used to make magnet wallets also vary. vegan leather plastic, even jeans.

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3. Bracelets


A bracelet is a type of wallet model that has a small strap at one end. As the name implies, this rope doubles as a strap that is worn like a bracelet on pulse or our wrists.

In addition to being worn on the wrist, you can also wear the bracelet by carrying the strap on your finger or holding it directly with your hand. What’s more, the small handle design on the bracelet makes it one of the sufficient women’s wallets. practical and suitable to be taken to formal occasions such as parties.

4. Card holders or card wallets


As the name implies, the main function of the cardholder is to store several cards, whether they are identity cards, or credit cards. In addition to having many slots for cards, in the middle of the card holder there is usually a slot that you can use to insert several bills by folding them.

with your shape compressthe card holder is suitable for those who often buy by method without money and want to save storage space in the bag.

5. Coin wallets

Although small, coin purse I have spaces which is big enough to store various items from coins, keys, cards and various accessories. In addition, usually koi wallets also have wide openings, so it will be easier for you to take the contents inside.

coin purses suitable for you to take when you want to travel without many things or just use a small bag. This wallet is also suitable to use when you decide to use public transport which still uses cash payment method.

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