4 sports ideas suitable for obese people

For people who are overweight or even obese, it is often quite difficult to start exercising regularly. This is usually because they are too lazy to do physical exercises because of the discomfort caused by the body’s condition during exercise. However, this is not an absolute reason, as long as you have a great intention … Read more

5 Foods and Drinks can Boost Your Immune System

Author of The Sports Nutrition Playbook and Board of Medical Experts member Amy Goodson MS RD CSSD LD recommends consuming a balanced diet to maintain your immune system. “If you want to keep your immune system strong against colds, germs, and other illnesses, eat whole foods like colored produce, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and whole … Read more

7 Luxury Watch Brands 2023 Edition

As technology quickly entered our lives, many people thought that luxury watches would become irrelevant. The reason is that people now think that it will be easier for them to keep track of time using their mobile phones. Eits, but the existence of the clock itself can actually provide a number of other effects and … Read more