Louis Vuitton Artycapucines, its unique charm and aesthetics!

Six contemporary artists showcased their unique perspectives on Louis Vuitton Artycapucines’ iconic designs. The Capucines, arguably the most popular collection of leather handbags by the Louis Vuitton brand.

Investigate a calibration, this collection was first introduced in mid-autumn 2013. The name of this collection itself is allegedly based on the original Louis Vuitton Maison located on rue Neuve-des-Capucines.

Discover Louis Vuitton Artycapucines

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines was launched during a transition period for Louis Vuitton. This world-renowned brand has renewed its collection to include more and more unique design options.

This Louis Vuitton collection was originally conceived as an alternative to the LV handbag collection line, which usually focuses only on brand logos. Now, even though the Maison has gone back to the Monogram era, Capucines are still a design essential for, you know, InhandBag.com readers. In fact, when the Capucines handbag collection was first released, LV seemed to be aiming for the highest prices of all Louis Vuitton collections. Amazing, right?

This Louis Vuitton Artycapucines bag is capable of oozing a classic charm that has been updated with the times and season after season. The minimalist lines of Capucines’ silhouette and design make this the ideal blank canvas for designers.

According to fashion experts, in 4 consecutive years, Maison LV even managed to collaborate with several major artists, you know. This innovation was aimed at bringing her unique vision to one of LV’s women’s classics, her Artycapucines collection.

unrivaled creativity

This year’s Artycapucines collection is a unique testament to the durability of the iconic, anti-mainstream Capucine. Now, Louis Vuitton’s new collection proves even more that its sleek, clean forms always look refreshing and inspiring.

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Louis Vuitton announced that there will be 6 international artists from around the world participating in the collection’s celebration. Some of them are Amélie Bertrand, Daniel Buren, Peter Marino, Park Seo-Bo, Ugo Rondinone and Kennedy Yanko.

Curious about the design of each of them? Here’s more!

1. Amelie Bertrand

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines 1

2. Daniel Buren

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines, its unique charm and aesthetics!

3. Ugo Rondinone

Louis Vuitton Arty Capucines Chapter 4 1

4.Peter Marinho

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines, its unique charm and aesthetics!

5. Park Seo-Bo

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines 5

6. Kennedy Yanko

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines, its unique charm and aesthetics!

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