Loewe Solid Puzzle bag, more innovative?

If InhandBag.com readers have a favorite bag like loewe bag Solid puzzle, sometimes the smallest change can even have a big impact. Mid-season, the Loewe Puzzle Bag has been redesigned in a monochrome solid colour. In addition, other innovative changes can also be seen in the dynamic and striking leather panels and hardware.

After going through a redesign process and experimenting with colors, the Loewe Solid Puzzle bag is now ready to attract the attention of fashion connoisseurs. Some InhandBag.com readers must know that the Puzzle bag is one of Loewe’s main icons.

The Puzzle bag is one of the most recognized and highly regarded designer bags among the elite. Creative Director Jonathan Anderson seems to be trying to emphasize the simple impression with luxury in the Puzzle Bag.

Loewe Bag Color Theory Solid Puzzle

LOEWE PuzzleSolid

The name Loewe Solid Puzzle Bag is in fact taken from its name. Each piece of leather is sewn together to form an interesting pattern that looks like a geometric puzzle piece. In addition, the skin of this bag also features a satin-like smooth surface structure.

The Loewe Solid Puzzle is presented as a bag with a very iconic color theory game. In fact, the design idea of ​​the bag and the color palette that serves as its focal point make it everyone’s dream come true. This bag comes in iconic colors like orange, vintage khaki, aquamarine, black, walnut and navy blue.

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So how about the purse details?

LOEWE is a solid puzzle model for puzzles |風格商業| 500輯

This Loewe Solid Puzzle bag comes in two sizes: Mini and Small. However, InhandBag.com readers needn’t worry because they’ve both received a full tonal treatment. You’ll be amazed by the hardware details, detachable strap and the Loewe branding anagram. Although, of course, the chosen color palette is an important aspect of the visual details of the bag itself.

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When it comes to detachable shoulder straps, this bag also features a Donut chain as well as a stylish metal chain. All these details mean that this bag can be carried on the shoulder, crossbody, with a top handle or even in the hand. Really the definition of a versatile bag, right, InhandBag.com readers?

And it doesn’t stop there, the zipper closure hook made of cow leather also enhances the interior of this bag even more. InhandBag.com readers can also find tone-on-tone herringbone cotton canvas lining and interior pockets. On the back of the bag, Loewe also inserts a back pocket that can be used to store valet tickets or cash.

As well as being designed with a strong functional purpose, the Loewe Puzzle Bag also prioritizes the feeling of use, you know! Investigating a calibration, Jonathan Anderson’s vision is to bring joy to fashion connoisseurs through his collection. That’s why this collection mixes surprising elements in Ready-To-Wear and shoes that are complemented by other striking and vibrant elements.

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