4 sports ideas suitable for obese people

For people who are overweight or even obese, it is often quite difficult to start exercising regularly.

This is usually because they are too lazy to do physical exercises because of the discomfort caused by the body’s condition during exercise.

However, this is not an absolute reason, as long as you have a great intention and desire to improve or lose weight. Obviously, having an ideal body weight can maximize you in performing various daily activities, as well as boosting self-confidence.

Here are some simple exercise ideas that are suitable for those who are obese, or may be for those who want to maintain an ideal body weight through simple exercises:

1. Routinely going up and down the stairs

You could say that this is almost certainly done by most people as a daily activity. However, it turns out that going up and down stairs can also be a simple physical exercise that can help in a weight loss program.

Reporting from the health website, each time we climb 10 steps we can burn 1 calorie. Of course, this pattern can be combined with simple exercise activities using stairs.

You can exercise by walking up and down stairs for about 3-5 minutes, of course, you can maximize the program to reduce obesity.

2. Cycling

A simple exercise movement that can be started for obese people is cycling. Cycling is for sure one of the physical exercise activities that is quite fun and does not require much preparation, just have a bicycle, be it a regular bike or a stationary bike.

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According to information from halodoc.com, pedaling for 30 minutes at moderate intensity can burn 200 to 260 calories. If you cycled at a high intensity for the same duration, you could burn around 390 to 400 calories.

Choosing to exercise by bicycle can certainly be one of the activities that can be tried out for those who want to exercise but are still relaxed.

3. Swimming

Swimming is one of the physical exercise activities that uses almost every muscle in the body. Those of you who are obese might also get this idea to help with your weight loss program.

Swimming activities also have a wide range of calorie burn levels, depending on the swimming style used.

According to hellosehat.com, someone who swims froggy can burn about 60 calories for 10 minutes, while someone who uses backstroke can burn about 80 to 90 calories in the same duration.

Of course, swimming can be a sport for those who want to lose weight.

4. Walk

Walking also includes simple physical activities that can be an option for obese or overweight people.

Of course, walking can be done in any conditions, even if you are not exercising.

According to the website hellosehat.com, walking for 30 minutes can help burn around 130 to 200 calories.

Of course, exercising on foot can be a great start for anyone who wants to start exercising.

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