Worried about Monday? Easy Ways to Get Over the Monday Blues

Have you ever experienced fear, anxiety and worry about Monday? If you feel anxious or fearful about facing Monday, you may have blue monday. Well here is an easy way to deal with it. blue monday.

monday blues it’s what it feels like to be lazy and lethargic on a Monday. This syndrome frequently strikes a number of employees who have deadline and work super busy on monday.

Monday is not a favorite day for most people. Especially after Saturday and Sunday we are off and having fun with friends or family.

After having fun and relaxing, on Monday we have to get back to activities like school and work.

monday blues itself can be triggered by several things. Starting from stress due to work, high workload or even a pile of unfinished work from the previous week. Of course, laziness and lack of enthusiasm will attack you at the end of the week.

Here are some effective ways to deal with Monday Blues that you can try.

1. Recognize the Cause

The most powerful way to overcome monday blues is to identify the cause. When the cause is known, the way to overcome it will be easier to find.

For example, the cause is work backlog. So in the future you can start doing all jobs with Time management to improve. That way, work won’t pile up on Monday and your day will be more beautiful.

2. Do fun activities or me time

What things can make you happy and excited again? Know what you really need before welcoming Monday.

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You need a break, catch up with friends and family, do my time, doing hobbies, sports, relaxation or something else? Do things that can get you excited again and give you positive emotions.

3. Enjoy the holidays

Do fun activities on Saturday and Sunday. For example, hanging out with friends and family, pursuing hobbies, or just relaxing at home.

Take advantage of this break to have fun and rest. As much as possible, do not book non-urgent jobs on weekends.

4. Sleep regularly

Even if it’s the weekend, make sure you go to bed on time. Staying up late will be one of the things that can reduce the enthusiasm to welcome Monday morning, because the physical condition becomes less noble.

So make sure you go to bed on time or at least get enough sleep so your body has the energy it needs for activities. In addition, regular sleep will also make your mood more stable when Monday arrives.

5. Stay away from multiple tasks on the weekend

You should make the most of Saturday and Sunday as your rest time. Avoid discussing schoolwork, study goals, or work on the weekends. Focus on time activities weekends for yourself and for the things you care about.

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