Types of Hijab fabrics that are often used and their features!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable while wearing the hijab? In this case, it may be caused by the type of hijab fabric you are wearing, which is uncomfortable and suitable for you, for example, the material of hijab fabric is easy to get hot or dirty because it is slippery, thus hindering your daily activities.

Therefore, you need to know what types of hijab materials and their characteristics or features so that they can be adjusted to your needs and comfort level. Let’s go read on to find out the answer!

Types of hijab fabric materials and their features

Not just for the comfort value, you also need to recognize the characteristics of the hijab fabric because some types of fabric may be more suitable for you. occasion right. For example, a satin hijab is most commonly used to attend formal events such as weddings.

The following is a more detailed explanation of the types of hijab fabrics and their characteristics:

1. Vocal Award

You might already be familiar with made of hijab voile or voile. However, did you know that there are voile fabrics that are considered to be of higher quality than regular voile fabrics (basic voile)? This hijab material is commonly referred to as premium voal (premium flights).

In contrast to regular voile, premium voile material has a much smoother texture. That’s because premium voile has a more cotton blend, so it’s soft and won’t wrinkle easily.

In addition, the hijab with premium voile material is also considered to absorb sweat more easily, so it doesn’t make the wearer feel hot even if worn for a long time.

2. Satin

This scarf material has the characteristic of shiny surface, so it can add luxurious and elegant impression when wearing it.

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Therefore, satin scarf considered suitable to be used in various formal events such as weddings, meetings with colleagues or banquet dinners with friends.

However, some people may find the satin material too hot. But actually there is, Because various types of satin that can still be fresh and smooth on the skin, such as silk satin. That’s all, you need to be more careful in choosing fashion brands who issued a hijab made of satin.

3. Georgette

You may not be familiar with georgette fabric. However, this type of fabric is often used as a hijab material, Do you know. Georgette material also generally has a reasonably good fabric density, so it is not easily see through.

With a flowing texture and easy to adjust, georgettes are often made into pashmina or hijab types. shawl. In addition, another advantage of georgette fabric is that it does not require much special care. The reason is that georgette fabric has quite strong resistance even if it is used for a long time.

4. Polyester

Who doesn’t know polyester fabric? This fabric is often used as the base material for various textile products including the hijab or headscarf. Polyester fabric also has several advantages, one of which is that it does not wrinkle easily. Therefore, maintenance is quite easy.

In addition, polyester fabric is also quite strong and flexible, so it has a longer service life without significant degradation in fabric quality. Do you know.

5. Viscose

Viscose is a type of semi-synthetic rayon fabric made from wood pulp. With a smooth appearance, they tend to be slippery and fall off easily, viscose fabric is often used as a substitute for silk, which is a little more expensive.

In addition, viscose fabric is also increasingly in demand because it can produce a luxurious look, but it is still comfortable because it is cool when worn. As a hijab fabric, viscose is often combined with fabrics spandex which has elastic properties, to make it more manageable.

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6. Poly silk

The last type of fabric that is often used as a hijab material is poly silk. This fabric is still included in a polyester type. That’s just it, it has a slightly shiny appearance.

One of the advantages of this type of fabric is that it is wrinkle-free or wrinkle-free. Even if you fold it several times or wear it all day, the hijab poly silk especially high quality ones, will usually look neat.

These are some types of hijab fabric that are quite common and easy to find. Each type of fabric has its own advantages. So which type of hijab is your favorite?

Another thing you need to remember when you want to buy a hijab, although many hijab brands include the same type of fabric, the quality may still be different. Do you know. Of course, this is influenced by the manufacturing process of the fabric or the blended fabric itself.

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