These are the 5 benefits of installing the stirrup

Dental braces are not just limited to improving appearance. However, stirrup also has several benefits for oral health.

Not everyone has a good set of teeth. Therefore, many people want to straighten their teeth to make them look nicer.

In addition to making you confident these are the 5 benefits of installing the stirrup

In people with uneven tooth placement, the use of a stirrup is a common solution offered by dentists.

The use of the stirrup can also help overcome some problems related to the mouth. Nothing? Come on, see five other benefits of using the device, as reported by various sources.

1. increase self-confidence

Using the stirrup will affect a person’s confidence level. Normally, someone with uneven teeth will be embarrassed to smile.

With braces and cleaner teeth, we will be more confident to smile.

2. Improve articulation

Irregular tooth structure can have an impact on the clarity of the words we speak.

Well, using the stirrup can really help improve the joint. That’s because the braces help align teeth, leaving the joints clearer.

3. Prevent bone erosion

Jagged or parallel teeth can cause bone loss. This happens because the bacteria in the mouth eat the bones.

Well, the use of the stirrup will move the periodontal ligament, stretching the connective tissue and the nerves. This will cause the bones to naturally reform.

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4. Aid in digestion

The shape of the teeth that are not aligned will prevent the food entering the stomach from being crushed as much as possible.
As a result, the stomach will take a long time to digest food. By using the stirrup, the teeth will become even again so that the consumed food can be ground more finely. This will help the stomach to digest food better.

5. Improve health

Uneven teeth and overlapping shapes will make it difficult to brush your teeth. As a result, teeth cannot be optimally cleaned. When using the stirrup, the teeth will be flatter, making cleaning easier.

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