Specific guidelines on Chanel materials and leather

The decision to buy a bag Chanel it’s always easy, but choosing Chanel fabrics and leather is actually a much more challenging decision. With so many gorgeous options available, how can InhandBag.com readers know which is the newest choice for you?

All types of leather in the Chanel handbag collection are beautiful because we are talking about Chanel after all! However, each skin Chanel uses can really feel and look different when used, you know InhandBag.com readers. Every kind of Chanel material and leather certainly also requires proper handling and care. Therefore, read this article until the end so as not to get confused anymore!

The most popular type of Chanel leather

Here are some of the types of leather that Chanel produced and proved to be the most popular collection in sales history.

Chanel Lamb Leather

Chanel Lamb Leather

Needless to say, lambskin is one of Chanel’s most popular leathers. However, this is certainly not without reason. Many collectors like this type of leather because it is considered the softest among other luxury bag collections.

Lambskin leather is also the most used in the Classic Flap Bag. That’s because the use of sheepskin leaves the Chanel bag almost velvety to the touch and has a soft, elegant shine.

Eits, but, this sheepskin certainly requires the best care to keep it in perfect condition, InhandBag.com readers. It is especially important to store a Chanel Lambskin bag with the chain folded over to avoid denting the leather. It is also recommended that you moisturize the sheepskin frequently to keep it soft and supple.

Chanel iridescent lambskin leather (colored sheepskin)

In addition to being soft to the touch, this Chanel Iridescent Sheepskin is also coated with a beautiful pearlescent sheen so it can show off different colors. In fact, the thick coating also makes the surface of the bag much more scratch resistant and easier to maintain. Because every scratch can be easily rubbed with your fingers until it’s clean.

Material and Leather Chanel Caviar (Caviar Leather)

Chanel Caviar Leather

Caviar Chanel leather is perhaps the most recognizable leather from this French fashion house. Caviar is one of Chanel’s most coveted fabrics and leathers, and it also holds the biggest selling points, you know. Made from grained calf leather with a visible grain that makes this leather feel tougher and heavier than sheepskin.

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Even though Caviar doesn’t scratch and stain as easily as other skins, it’s still important to care for and store it properly, InhandBag.com readers. You also need to know that light colored ones tend to fade, so be careful not to stick them on dark fabrics.

calf leather

Soft and smooth, this Chanel Calfskin is made from calf leather. That’s right, this type of leather is the most used in Chanel’s iconic quilted designs, like the Boy bag. This is because the grain of the leather appears very fine, giving it an elegant feel and texture. Furthermore, calfskin is also considered to be very versatile because it is able to balance the soft, supple feel of lambskin with the look and feel of caviar. Truly the definition of a two-in-one at Chanel, eh!

Glazed calfskin (glossy calfskin)

Glazed Chanel calf leather

Smooth to the touch with a shiny look, this Chanel leather has a polished quality that many will appreciate. However, InhandBag.com readers must be careful when storing this type of leather bag. The trick, place the handle inside the baggie, and don’t let it rub on a hard surface, as the glass can come off easily.

Material and leather Chanel Chevre (goat leather)

Goat leather is one of the toughest and most durable of all luxury bags. According to experts, this type of leather can even withstand extraordinary wear and tear, so it can be a good choice for workers who use it on a daily basis. Despite its hardness, goatskin is very soft to the touch, you know. However, there is one thing goatskin handbag collectors need to remember. Yes, bags with this type of leather usually fold at the top. However, you don’t have to worry because the sides will keep their shape perfectly.

Chanel patent leather

Chanel patent leather

Made from calfskin, the glossy patent leather is capable of giving any bag series an instant vintage look. You also need to know that Chanel leather is generally very susceptible to color transfer. So stay away from light colored patent leather bags from dark fabrics like denim, InhandBag.com readers! This type of material and Chanel leather requires extra care when used, because even if there is a slight scratch, it will be very difficult to restore it to its original state.

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Chanel exotic materials and leather

InhandBag.com readers should know that some of the Chanel leather bags derived from exotic skins such as crocodile and python have been discontinued. But, of course, there is always the opportunity to find a specialized section on the secondary market. If you want to know more about Chanel skin types, check out the information below!

Chanel crocodile leather (crocodile leather bag)

Chanel alligator leather

One of Chanel’s materials and leather that is popular among collectors is crocodile skin. Chanel crocodile handbags usually come in very bright color palettes and look sophisticated. In addition to being visually luxurious, this type of leather is also considered to be very durable as it does not show scratches. However, alligator skin types need to be moisturized and maintained properly to keep it beautiful and fresh for a long time.

Chanel crocodile leather (crocodile leather)

Chanel crocodile leather

Chanel’s Crocodile handbags differ from their crocodile counterparts because of the size of their scales. Alligator scales generally have more symmetrical scales, while crocodile scales have a clearer visual silhouette. In addition, crocodile skin also has tiny “pores” in the middle of each scale. However, care is also not very different because both exotic skins must be kept away from water and hydrated whenever possible.

Chanel Python skin

Chanel Python Leather

Python’s skin scales always manage to display a very nice color palette. Plus, the multiple patterns created ensure that no two Chanel Python bags are exactly alike. Python is a lightweight and relatively easy-to-maintain Chanel shell. Even so, you must keep it away from water to avoid damage. This is because the python’s scales tend to lift up and it is difficult to return to a flat position. So be careful, InhandBag.com readers!

Therefore, there are several types of Chanel materials and leather that you need to know about before buying a bag. Check out some of the other Chanel handbag collections provided by InhandBag.com on here!

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