Latest news Hermès Fall 2023 Special

If readers are loyal fans of the Hermès brand, then you must always be curious about the latest information, right? For that reason, this time is here to vent her anger. Here are some of the latest Hermès news updates for mid-autumn (autumn) 2023. Watch until the end! First Hermès Latest news: Price … Read more

Bottega Veneta Craftsmanship Certificate, Lifetime Warranty

The readers knew that there are certain brands that, even though they are iconic and very famous, are still underrated. Dominating the market, but not the market, that’s the right name. Things like this are obviously not achieved by chance. For example, will review Bottega Veneta’s Certificate of Craftsmanship that brings this brand … Read more

Gucci X Harry Styles Collaboration “HA HA HA” readers must have heard last June that a famous singer, Harry Styles, would be collaborating on a Gucci collection. Investigate a calibration, this Gucci X Harry Styles collection is here because Harry actually planned to collaborate with his best friend, Alessandro Michele. This time, will invite the readers to get to know … Read more

Chanel’s fall 2023 handbag collection is dominated by patent leather

Hailing fashion lovers again, one of Europe’s biggest brands has released its proud collection, called Chanel Fall 2023. The Fall 2023 collection showcased by Chanel purportedly explores the core spirit of Chanel to celebrate the beauty of femininity. So, in this Chanel Fall 2023 collection, readers can definitely feel a strong glow of elegance, … Read more