7 Luxury Watch Brands 2023 Edition

As technology quickly entered our lives, many people thought that luxury watches would become irrelevant. The reason is that people now think that it will be easier for them to keep track of time using their mobile phones. Eits, but the existence of the clock itself can actually provide a number of other effects and … Read more

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines, its unique charm and aesthetics!

Six contemporary artists showcased their unique perspectives on Louis Vuitton Artycapucines’ iconic designs. The Capucines, arguably the most popular collection of leather handbags by the Louis Vuitton brand. Investigate a calibration, this collection was first introduced in mid-autumn 2013. The name of this collection itself is allegedly based on the original Louis Vuitton Maison located … Read more

Hermès collectible exotic animal skins

In addition to the design and color of the bag, InhandBag.com readers should also know that Hermès exotic animal skins are always on the customer’s wish list. Yea! These exotic skins are skins made from non-domesticated animals. Hermès describes its exotic leather as precious and “a sensitive organic material that improves with age”. Hermès exotic … Read more

Details of the Dior Essential Tote bag

Today, handbags with slim silhouettes are still coveted among fashion lovers. The presence of this very functional bag is increasingly necessary so that several well-known brands have brought it back. One of them is the Dior Essential Tote Bag. When it comes to slim and timeless bags, Maria Grazia is ready to show off her … Read more

Loewe Solid Puzzle bag, more innovative?

If InhandBag.com readers have a favorite bag like loewe bag Solid puzzle, sometimes the smallest change can even have a big impact. Mid-season, the Loewe Puzzle Bag has been redesigned in a monochrome solid colour. In addition, other innovative changes can also be seen in the dynamic and striking leather panels and hardware. After going … Read more

Meet Chanel Pink Tweed, the Winter Hero

As the general public already knows, one of the iconic elements Chanel it’s the tweed material. Investigate a calibration, this material emerged in the 1920s and was first used to make suits. Although originally not considered a luxury fabric, tweed quickly became an icon of the Chanel brand itself. The luxurious feel and unique charm … Read more