These are 5 models of elegant and modern women’s handbags

Handbags now not only function as a storage place to carry items while traveling, but also as a means of carrying things fashion statements as important as clothing.

Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays handbag models are becoming more and more diverse. Starting with those that are commonly used like tote bags, sling bags, even those that have recently become one of the unique and trendy fashion statements in fashion i.e. microsacs.

So, about what models or types of women’s handbags are the fashion and can make your appearance more in fashion? Come on, see the following article to find out the answer!

Various models of stylish and modern women’s handbags

The following are various types and models of women’s handbags that can enhance your appearance in many ways. occasion:

1. Sling bags

sling bag It is a type of handbag commonly used by women. As the name implies, this bag has a handle long enough to carry around.slings or slung over the shoulder.

This bag is usually worn by crossing it from one side of the shoulder to the other side of the body. For example, the strap is over the left shoulder and crossed over so the bag is on the right side of the hip.

Sling bags are considered quite versatile to be used in a variety of ways. occasionIt is good meeting points relax with friends to go to lunch with co-workers. But it’s better if you want a more formal look, avoid using a crossbody bag.

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2. Bags

There are not few women who choose bags as an everyday bag. The reason is that this bag is not just elegant but also very functional due to the size compartment it’s quite big.

The large size also makes the bag widely used by women to go to work, as it can contain several items, such as notebooks, diaries and several other items.

Not only that, along with the development of fashion fashion Now bags are not only made from ordinary canvas, but also from other materials. vegan leather more elegant and luxurious. The designs and colors are also more and more diversified, so that we can choose according to our needs and desires.

3. Shoulder bags

There are still many people who may find it difficult to distinguish between a shoulder bag and a tote bag. Although they look similar, these two types of women’s handbags actually have differences, Do you know.

shoulder bag and bags are usually worn equally on the shoulder. However, shoulder bags are usually a smaller size than tote bags. Therefore, the crossbody bag is considered more suitable for those who like smaller bags that can be taken practically anywhere.

4. Micro bag

Since 2019, fame micro bag as one of statement fashion items getting accelerated. Even if some people think that the micro bag is too small, this bag is still a trend and can catch many people’s attention.

Microbags are still suitable for carrying some very important items such as ATM cards, card holders lipstick or even cell. What’s more, the micro bag will also look very nice when you use it to go out. meeting points shopping or going to a party.

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5. Clutches

The next type of women’s bag you need to know about is claws. A little different from the previous ones, claws usually don’t have a string (strapless). This is because claws it is designed to be hand held.

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