Meaning of Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes in Perfume

Perfume flavors have now become one of the must-have items for women when traveling. Not only to make the body smelly, perfume is also used to boost self-confidence, especially in front of many people.

However, did you know that perfume doesn’t just have one type of smell that lasts from beginning to end? There are three levels of scent you will get from the first scent when sprayed to the last scent that will stick and last long on your skin.

These three levels of perfume aroma are called perfumery note or a perfume note composed of top notes, average gradesand base notes. However, do you know the difference between the three? If no, let’s gosee the following article to find out the answer!

The difference between top notes, middle notes and base notes in perfume

Knowing the differences between the three perfume scent levels can help you determine the scent that best fits your personality and the activities you do. Here is an explanation of the differences top notes, average gradesand base notes perfume!

Perfume top notes

main notes is the designation for perfumery note First level. Aroma top notes It’s first impression or the first scent you’ll smell after the perfume is sprayed onto your skin.

Generally, this perfume will be felt within the first 15 minutes and will not last long because of its light molecular structure. Even though, top notes this does not mean that it does not play an important role in shaping the overall aroma of the perfume.

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Not just as the main attraction when people try the perfume, top notes it also acts as a transition scent to the next scent. therefore, top notes should also have a memorable aroma as an introduction average grades.

Some of the aromas commonly found in top notes are fresh, fruity and citric notes, such as bergamot, pomegranate, tangerine ylang, pink pepper and galbanum. Aroma average grades it also usually consists of 2-3 scents mixed together.

average grades

The middle notes are the second perfume smell you will smell after top notes started to disappear. It has a scent that lasts longer top notesPperfumery note this is often also referred to as heart notes or the main attractions of a perfume.

Not only that, average grades it also usually has the more dominant aroma between the other two notes. Until, average grades they usually make up about 40 – 80% of the existing aroma.

Generally, average grades consists of a floral scent, spicesand herbssuch as white floral, rose, sweet woody, jasmine tuberose and orange blossom.

base notes

base notes is the last level in the perfume pyramid or perfumery note. This smell will come after the smell average grades starting to decrease. The highlight of the perfume average grades it can last about 1-2 hours. Temporary base notes it can last much longer, which is 6 to 12 hours, depending on the type of perfume.

However, base notes keep mixing with average grades to create a complete identity or scent of a perfume that stays on the skin for hours.

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Generally, the smell that is usually in base notes it is a remarkable fragrance deep, richand soft. Some examples of aromas that can be found in base notes are vanilla, musk, patchouli, ambergris and sandalwood.

This is the meaning of top notes, average grades and base notes about perfume. Knowing the meaning of the three perfume notes, now it will be easier for you to find a perfume that suits your desires and character.


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