This is how to properly clean makeup brushes

Are you one of those people who often forget to clean make up brushes? If so, you need to know, make up brushes that are rarely cleaned can cause various skin health risks, Do you know, such as clogged pores and acne-prone skin. Not only that, make up brushes that is rarely cleaned will also make it difficult to apply makeup flawlessly.


So how do you actually clean? make up brushes right? To get the answer, let’s gosee the following article!

How to clean makeup brushes

Below are some cleaning steps make up brushes what you can try:

1. Collect the makeup brushes you are going to clean

The first thing you need to do is determine which make up brushes What are you going to clean, yes you can also pick and sort make up brushes that you’ve never used before to clean. The reason is that, although it was never used, a brush to invent what you just bought could be contaminated with germs from other people or the environment where you bought it.

2. Use warm water

Pour warm water into a container and apply a facial cleanser or baby shampoo. Warm water is effective in removing bacteria and germs, as well as cleaning up residue left in the brushes.

Avoid using body soap, hand soap, or dishwashing soap, as harsh soaps can damage the bristles to invent.

3. Wash the makeup brush carefully

Wet only the underside of the bristles. brushes (do not wet) then gently rub the fur gently with your fingers until lather forms.

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You can also brush the fur brushes slowly on the surface brushes cleaning cloths. It aims to remove the dirt that is trapped in make up brushes.

4. Rinse the makeup brush well

When finished cleaning, rinse the brush to invent with warm water until absolutely no residue remains. You can use running water or use a container. Importantly, avoid the featherbed base to brush-It sticks so it doesn’t break easily.

To see make up brushes you are clean or not, you can be sure by looking at the clarity of the water used for rinsing brushes. If the water is clear, it means a brush to invent it can be said to be clean of soap and dirt.

5. Dry the brushes

dry the bristles to invent with a clean, dry towel. Turn it upside down so that the water runs out.

After that, let the brush to invent dry by itself. avoid using hair dryer as this has the potential to damage the fur brushes and the glue that holds the head together brushes with the handle. Wait about a day before brushing to invent reused.

Well that’s how to clean make up brushes correctly. Easy isn’t it? You can clean it regularly 1-2 weeks so make up brushes what you wear stays clean and you also avoid a number of other health risks. You can also save more as you don’t have to spend money to buy brushes frequently. to invent the new.

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