How to Get a Hermès Bag as a “Special Order”

At least twice a year, loyal Hermès fans return in hopes of getting their hands on a Birkin or a Kelly. Considering only a select few VIP customers are lucky enough to get this offer, readers really need to know how to get the right Hermès bag to compete well.

So this time will share some secret tips on how to get a special Hermès bag for readers. Listen until the end, ok!

How to Get a Hermès Bag as a “Special Order”

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In March 2020, a global pandemic can be said to have greatly disrupted the Spring Special Order changes. In fact, all Hermès stores across the US and Europe, as well as some factories in France, have closed due to the conditions.

Several stores in Australia, Hong Kong and China have also offered a few lucky customers the chance to design their own custom handbag in 2020. If readers is one of the customers who manages to place their spring special order in mid-March 2020, I hope the bag will be received, yea!

Basically, there are many ways to make your custom duffel bag look like a “special order”. In addition to the trademark horseshoe stamp, there are plenty of other ways to make your bag special and stand out.

  1. Combine two different skin tones. Choose two skin tones for your Birkin or Kelly exterior. However, you need to make sure that the inner color has a different color contrast than the outer color. In the world of fashion bags, this technique is known as a reverse bag.
  2. Contrast Points: Choose any color contrast stitch on the outside of the readers bag.
  3. Dedicated hardware: Choose from Brushed Gold, Brushed Palladium, or Permabrass hardware, which are offered on special orders only.
  4. Longer shoulder straps for Kelly: There are 3 options; 85cm, 105cm or 120cm.
  5. Skin options: Clemence, Swift, Chevre, Epsom, Togo, Ostrich, crocodiles and alligators.
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Skin color offered annually

Hermès Special Request: What, Who, How | Curatorship

Of course, special requests are not meaningless, readers. In fact, you should know that Hermès always chooses different leathers and colors every season. That’s why, with the change of seasons, Hermès fans always look forward to launch options.

The new colors of the season in the A La Carte Colorama 2021 chart were recently leaked on Instagram. Fortunately, the options don’t disappoint. Pink palette lovers will be delighted with new color palettes like Rose Sakura and Mauve Sylvester.

Meanwhile, pastel lovers will be spoiled for choice with the Blue Brume, Jaune Poussin and Vert Criquet palettes. Hermès also seems to be trying to satisfy classic color lovers with the presence of Craie, Nata, Beton, Etoupe, Gris Tourterelle and many other color palettes.

Common Mistakes in “Special Orders”

The Hermès Special Order Process Explained - PurseBlog | Fancy handbags, Hermes, Hermes birkin orange

As exciting as it is, getting a Hermès bag can also be pretty daunting, you know, readers! The reason is that without having a prior idea of ​​what your custom quota bag looks like, the whole ordering process can make you very anxious.

For example, if you decide to go two colors on the outside of a Birkin or Kelly with contrasting stitches you’ve never seen before, you might be disappointed in your own creation.

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