Gucci X Harry Styles Collaboration “HA HA HA” readers must have heard last June that a famous singer, Harry Styles, would be collaborating on a Gucci collection. Investigate a calibration, this Gucci X Harry Styles collection is here because Harry actually planned to collaborate with his best friend, Alessandro Michele.

This time, will invite the readers to get to know this electrifying collection better. There’s a new vibe to the campaign that can be felt in some of the photos. Here’s more!

Free Vanity: Free Vanity

Harry Styles x Gucci: see photos and collection from the HA HA HA campaign – The Hollywood Reporter

Gucci presents the Gucci HA HA HA collection, which grew out of the kinship between Michelle and Harry. The collection greets fans with a playful play of lighter tones that still echo Gucci’s own sentiments.

Inherently, the Gucci X Harry Styles collection can be categorized as a unisex collection. The reason is that even though it was inspired by menswear, Gucci HA HA HA still displayed a number of elements with an avant-garde feel.

The initiative intends for this collection to become a “suitable” companion to be used by everyone, regardless of gender. It was designed by Harry’s typical romantic, readers must have noticed when they saw the print on this collaboration collection.

In addition to the print, which is Gucci’s signature, there are also bold and expressive vintage nuances that it tries to highlight. In essence, when it comes to expression, the freedom of individualism is what the Gucci HA HA HA collection tries to emphasize.

In an interview regarding the launch of this collection, Harry Styles admitted to being very satisfied with the success of the project. He revealed that he had known Alessandro for years. So this collaboration is one of the most special things in his career.

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Gucci's Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele present 'Ha Ha Ha' campaign – WWD

The Gucci X Harry Styles “HA HA HA” collection seems to cover a wide range of items from RTW, accessories to handbags and shoes. Therefore, it is not surprising that some people consider this collection a special gift for everyone, lovers of any fashionable item.

In fact, readers should also know that Gucci Jackie 1961 is back coming out, you know. This time, it is present with a vintage leopard print that looks very nice to wear in the cold. Here are some photos from the latest Gucci X Harry Styles collection that are sure to blow your mind!

Harry Styles x Gucci

Lol Gucci Jackie bag 1961

Gucci Jackie 1961 crossbody bag HA HA HA

How? Did anyone catch your eye on this collaboration with Gucci this time around? Let’s discover other Gucci collections on here!

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