Details of the Dior Essential Tote bag

Today, handbags with slim silhouettes are still coveted among fashion lovers. The presence of this very functional bag is increasingly necessary so that several well-known brands have brought it back. One of them is the Dior Essential Tote Bag.

When it comes to slim and timeless bags, Maria Grazia is ready to show off her latest work. The new Dior Essential Tote, the latest Dior design for the Fall/Winter 2022/2023 collection. Here is the full review.

Details on how to make the Dior Essential Note Bag

Small Dior Essential Tote Bag Latte Archicannage Calfskin | DIOR

Of course, Dior is the go-to brand when it comes to the bag modernization process. Dior has even managed to make this series of handbags enviable and coveted by other brands. The presence of this Dior Essential Tote is like bewitching everyone to have it right away.

Now many people think that this Dior bag will become come back most anticipated of the century. The reason is that this Dior Essential Tote has managed to present the smooth silhouette that famous fashion brand lovers want.

This time, the Dior Essential Tote is here, using the distinctive elements of the Dior brand itself. So this bag will instantly define a true slim bag while maintaining the functional look of the bag.

The remake of the Cannage motif in the Archicannage version also reinforces the impression of an innovative update. The skin’s clear texture also brings out a subtle yet firm glow. The leather chain and handle on this bag also add a touch of beauty to the finish. Furthermore, this bag is also superior in functional aspects as it supports both shoulder and tote use.

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Branded but unbranded bag

Small Dior Essential Tote Bag Latte Archicannage Calfskin | DIOR

Another standout aspect of this bag is the absence of the Christian Dior logo tag. However, it is clear that there is a point that distinguishes this bag from imitations on the open market. readers will find the CD’s small initials included in the metal located at the bottom of the shoulder strap.

Investigating a calibration, Dior intends to rely on each characteristic aspect of creating this bag to speak for itself about its brand. This includes how the upper seam is in the Archicannage motif that Dior has become known for.

The Dior Essential Tote comes in two sizes. Both are intended to support a multifunctional bag that will be very useful for everyday needs. First, a large size bag so it fits nicely on the readers’ shoulders. Secondly, there are also medium-sized bags that can be carried by hand (tote bags).

Plus, the inside of this bag can’t be missing, readers! Inside this Dior Essential Tote bag, you can find five patch pockets and one zippered pocket. As for the medium size, Dior features a total of four appliqué pockets and one zippered pocket. This bag is also equipped with a lock button that prioritizes first-class security. readers don’t have to worry, because both sizes are equally capable of presenting a fairly large interior space. Therefore, when choosing a size, you must consider what items will be carried in that bag!

For the plus size series, the Dior Essential Tote is available in 41.5 x 35 x 18 cm. While the size is 36.5 x 28 x 17.5 cm for the medium bag series. This bag is a symbol of simplicity and beauty mixed together. With the presence of details both visually and functionally, this bag is sure to be a hit in the future.

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