Cozygram capsule Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2023

Dressing for fall or winter is arguably a lot more fun than dressing for warm weather. Well, when the opportunity to wear layers of clothing comes, everyone can experiment more in their outfits.

The reason is that we can all explore a variety of colors and textures in one style. Not to mention the dark tone that is always present in winter accompanied by the iconic bold texture. It seems that all these things add to the impression of a comfortable and stylish winter.

One of the comfortable textures that is always a mainstay in winter is Shearling. Shearling is already a fall and winter icon. Although in the past this kind of style was valued with ups and downs, now it is like a patent law.

Cozy in winter with the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022 Cozygram capsule

Cozygram capsule Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2022

Fashion is meant to make a person more attractive and fun. Especially when we talk about handbags. Handbags are one of the main fashion icons that can make us very happy.

In this year’s collection, Louis Vuitton introduces the Louis Vuitton Cozygram Capsule to celebrate that cozy fall feeling. In essence, seeing this latest bag design will make you feel like you’re covered in a blanket while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

This new design was designed with style and performance in mind. Armed with a high flair of most sportswear, Louis Vuitton has finally released its Cozygram capsule.

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Diane Monogram - Woman - Bags | LOUIS VUITTON®

The Louis Vuitton Cozygram Capsule Bag marks the House’s history in that classic Monogram canvas that can be mixed with soft cream shearling. These bags come with a combination of two of the best elements: the Louis Vuitton logo and a textured cut.

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This bag will be perfect to complete your winter style. This collection also offers several ways to carry the bag as an element of maximum functionality. Some of them are the new Diane Bag ($3,050), NéoNoé BB ($2,570) and Locky BB ($2,920).

While these bags are highly commercial and definitely selling hot, the addition of shearling will add about $700 to each bag’s original price. So how about readers, are you interested in owning it?

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