Meet Chanel Pink Tweed, the Winter Hero

As the general public already knows, one of the iconic elements Chanel it’s the tweed material. Investigate a calibration, this material emerged in the 1920s and was first used to make suits.

Although originally not considered a luxury fabric, tweed quickly became an icon of the Chanel brand itself. The luxurious feel and unique charm of the fabric can always make a special impression, especially with Chanel Pink Tweed.

This winter, Chanel once again greeted loyal customers and collectors, introducing a pink tweed option. The iconic Chanel Pink Tweed color looks beautiful when paired with the best series of Chanel handbags i.e. the Timeless Flap and also the Chanel 19.

Chanel pink tweed, classic and modern design

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From a visual point of view, readers will immediately notice that this Chanel Pink Tweed bag has stunning details. These details can be seen in the silhouette of this Chanel Classic Flap bag.

Featuring soft and luxurious fuchsia cashmere fleece, this bag is also finished in gold metal. In addition, readers can also find flap covers with CC locks, interior pockets and exterior pockets.

If readers already have a leather version of this bag, then having this latest series isn’t a bad thing, really! The reason is that this collection of Chanel Pink Tweed handbags looks much more modern but still classy. In fact, these bags have been equipped with leather straps and chains to enhance their functional aspects.

Chanel 19 updated

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When 19 was first released, some fashion lovers had doubts about its existence. Some of the reasons behind this are tweaks for new models and silhouettes that have never appeared before.

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Although some versions of the Chanel 19 look too casual, this version makes it a new design. Fresh, iconic and fun. So, does this collection suit your taste, readers?

After listening to the comments above, you might want to see another version of the Chanel brand, right? Relax, because is here to take your anger out! Come on, visit the website and find your favorite Chanel bag collection on here!

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